Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble: Bunny Peeks In Edit and Instagram Contest Winner Announced!

Triple loads of excitement today with this post.  I get to share my newest Bunny Danger Image, announce the winner of my #bunnydangercontest from Instagram, and share this month’s Topaz Labs promo code.

Thank you to everyone who shared and participated in my storytelling contest.  I learned some valuable lessons about Instagram contests this go around. I’m absolutely thrilled with who won and I think his work is very deserving.  But my beef with Instagram contests being determined by likes is that I had no idea that you can enter an image that already has a crap load of likes on it.  That wasn’t the case with my winner’s image, but it definitely made me feel like I have more to learn when it comes to Instagram contests!

Regardless of my life lesson, which will hopefully help anyone else thinking about going into an Instagram contest, my winner’s image is the absolute jam.  When I first saw it, I instantly wanted to know more. Storytelling is an art all on its own, but combining it with photography just makes my world ignite.

CONGRATULATIONS to Joshua Pheneger Photography with this bad ass image that stole 5020 votes (and started with zero!) Joshua, Please send me your contact email so that I can forward it on to Topaz Labs and you can receive the complete collection of their software!!

Joshua Pheneger Photography

Joshua Pheneger Photography

I would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Topaz Labs for donating the grand prize for my contest!

I think it’s important to note that I reached out to Topaz to ask them if they had a discount code that I could share with my Bunny Danger followers because Topaz Adjust is such an important part of my workflow on every image.  They not only gave me the opportunity to share their entire collection with one winner but have also given me monthly discount codes that I can share with everyone.  This month’s code is definitely my favorite because it gives you 50% off of Topaz Adjust.  Adjust has the most versatile array of customizable filters that I’ve ever used. Whether it’s bringing certain tones, crazy effects or subtle pops to an image, Topaz Adjust lets you go in and really tweak the effects to what works best for your image.  Coupon Code: augadjust

The next image in my Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble series is called:

“Bunny Peeks In”


The Story:

When we left off, Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble had just discovered the town of Happy, TX hidden beneath a dense layer of dust.  Now he has begun walking through the town searching for some form of life.  He peeks in the windows of the dilapidated houses and discovers a world where people haven’t left their homes in dozens of years.  As he opens the windows, he brings the first burst of light and energy into the homes, foreshadowing the adventure he is about to unleash on the town.

When I was living in a constant state of depression and trying desperately to overcome/hide it from the world, I needed something to shake me out of it. My friends and I were about to begin following the adventures from This Book Will Change Your Life so this image represents that moment when I first opened the book and the pages began to give me that same burst of light and energy that I am giving to Happy, TX.

Shooting The Image: 

I think this may always be one that is the closest to my heart.  We shot it in my great grandmother’s cabin in the Palo Duro Canyon where we have spent our summers growing up.  The models are my cousin, Kasey O’Brien Thomas and her best friend, Jessica Hastings.

311A7101 bunny peeks in working1

I wasn’t happy with the way the background was turning out so I looked to one of my favorite websites for free textures and walls, CGTextures and found my wall.

The Processing: 

This image took FOREVER to work on but it is one of the few that I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like in the end.  I filmed a tutorial for The Framed Network on how I edited this one that you can watch here.


Here’s our full episode:

Thank you to Topaz Labs and Alien Skin for their generous coupon codes!  I literally use them both on everything I edit!

Topaz Labs: augadjust

Alien Skin Code: tbs0714

I hope you’ll follow my Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble Adventures!

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