Topaz ReMask with their July 50% off deal, I had to try. There’s nothing I hate more than masking hair! So is it worth it?

TOPAZ ReMask is having an awesome deal from July 15-31! 50% off! Use coupon code “julyremask” Oh the joys of masking.  Since most of my images involve some form of compositing or another, I’m always searching for a quick fix.  Does it exist?  I hear you can send them off to China for pretty cheap, and just may have to go that route one of these days.  But in the meantime, I’ve tried so many different masking softwares that I’m starting to see pixelated hair clumps in real life too. I’m a HUGE Topaz Labs fan.  HUGE.  I use Topaz Adjust on everything I touch in some form and have for years.  My mom has bragged about using ReMask but until I saw this 50% off deal, I hadn’t gotten around to trying it out.

Let’s get to the point.

Do I love it? It’s still debatable.

Does it do a great job?  Yea, pretty great.

Stellar on the extra difficult to mask types of hair?  Eh…..Still working on that. I am very happy with how insanely quick the process is on removing less complex backgrounds.

casey blog

This literally took minutes and I’m perfectly happy with the results.

The ones that I’m feeling more frustrated with are two that I knew would be horrible beasts to conquer.

Both images are ones that are part of my Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble  series and I spent entirely too long on my originals trying to get the hair masked out.

In the end, I found a PS brush to paint some wisps back in where they were botched from doing it by hand with the pen tool and quite honestly, I think I would have to still use those wisps even with Topaz.

HOWEVER, it was night and day easier than using the pen tool or channels or a layer mask or any of the other softwares that I’ve tried.  I tried to use Perfect Mask for a month and every single time it was time to bring it back into PS, my computer would freeze and shutdown.  I definitely did not have that problem with Topaz.

canoe before canoeo hair Canoe-Finishedweb

AND….I fully expected this one to kill me because the hair and background are so similar in color.  It was the beast I expected it to be and I was a little disappointed in those results. Not terrible, but not perfect either.

chicken background chicken

I would say that overall, despite being bummed that my first attempts didn’t come out as beautifully as the tutorial’s, I am glad I purchased this bad boy and plan to use it religiously from now on.  I’m not giving up my PS brushes just yet, but I do think there may just be a learning curve and I would recommend this software in a heartbeat.

I read a few posts while trying to figure out what I was doing that called it the software you don’t need a manual for.  Only the guys that put together IKEA furniture for a living would buy that…I certainly needed a manual.  But luckily, that’s not hard to come by.

The best news is, you can try it before you buy it.  It’s DEFINITELY worth checking to see if it will work with your workflow.


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