Keep It Simple and GET TO THE POINT with all your 365 Day Photo Projects!



365 Day Projects.  I can’t relate.  I can barely brush my teeth 365 Days a year, much less finish a project every freakin’ day.  I didn’t truly see the point in why other people did them either other than to get more action directed to their work….until I was talking to my good friend Josh Malik about why he was about to embark on a 365 Day project that seemed insanely challenging to me.  Not only would he create an image every day, but they would all come with a story attached, which is something I feel is the most important part of every image I work on.  But it was his reason that really affected me.  He wanted to improve.  Josh is one of my favorite artists of all time and his work is incredibly inspiring and breathtaking.  I found it even more inspiring that while already putting out work of his caliber, pushing himself to be even better and even more in tune with his style was at the top of his list of what is important to him.

While he was telling me about this epic plan, I was eating a fortune cookie that said, “Keep it simple and get to the point.”  I immediately knew I needed to pay homage to his project that was anything but simple with this picture.  Luckily he was on his way to Texas to visit for our art show at BeHUMAN Gallery and for filming a pilot episode for our show Creator’s Blok and we were able to make this happen.  I did everything BUT keep it simple in making this image, although it looks pretty simple.  I am thankful for the mob of assistants I had from the Be U show that followed us out in the rain to help us make this image possible!  Unfortunately it was probably the only 15 minutes we didn’t film that weekend but it’s definitely a memory etched in my mind!

Keep making it look simple Josh! I’m loving watching your imagination unfold! Make sure to follow Josh to keep up with his insanity of awesomeness! 


KIS in progress web


Thanks to Stacy Smith Tarbox and Crystal Olivero for sharing some of their real life snow with me for this image and to Manuel Estheim for finding the snow prints for me here! 


Thanks to Rocio Mirelis and Samantha Goss for getting great behind the scenes shots from that day!

kis samantha1

KIs Samantha




KIS rocio

KIS behind the scenes2


KIS behind the scenes1

KIS Behind the scenes

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