How to get out of your miserable funk in 365 Easy Steps. A blog about how a Book Really Did Change My Life and Hopefully Some Great Conceptual Photography Tips Too.

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Step 1:

Recognize that one man’s survival steps are another man’s list of captain obvious suggestions like: Look in the mirror and give yourself positive affirmations.

This is not that list.

Step 2:

Go out and get the book, This Book Will Change Your LIfe

This book will change your life.

Step 3:

When it arrives from Amazon, don’t let it sit there on the shelf. Gather your friends and get to it.

Enough with the steps.  I’m no pysch expert, but what I do know is that after a mega life transition that left me (enter super dramatic movie announcer voice over here) lost, alone, freaking the F out scared and starting over, ONE GIRL (me) decided to take matters into her own hands.  (Technically, I took matters out of my own hands and into the hands of the book.)

What is this magic apparatus you ask?  DId this girl even spell or properly use the word apparatus you ask?  She (me) asks that too.  (Not what it is, but if the word was necessary at all….)

It’s a book full of daily ridiculous adventures that set me off on a course that would change my future for the better.   I’m talking the most ridiculous things you could ever imagine doing.  My roller derby wife and I, Carmen Geddit decided to do as many adventures as we possibly could.  Pretty soon, I was meeting random people I never would have met otherwise, writing on trains, following directions to nowhere.

weapons walk pancake meet people graffiti

I definitely didn’t do all of the book’s adventures.  Some of them are just TOO out there.  But I did do enough that pretty soon, I wasn’t just living in my cave feeling sorry for myself anymore.

Eventually, the book changed my life enough to make me write a story about it.  Sort of.  The following story is based on true events despite how unreal it sounds.  However, completely fabricated at the same time. Basically I was so inspired by some of the crazy things that I did on these adventures, I wanted to create something memorable to remind me how I overcame one of the most depressing periods of my heartbroken, dreary existence.

My story was written with kids in mind but hopefully with enough wit that grown people will actually enjoy reading it with their kids. (Click the link to read the full story)

Bunny DAST

One of my best friends Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble (his real name) became the hero of my story as well as my life.  After writing my story, I sat on it for several years, knowing one day I would know what to do next in the process of getting it out there.  Five years later, I knew what I needed to do.

The Real Bunny:


Last summer my husband, son and a film crew set off to Happy, TX to document the journey of bringing my story to life through conceptual photographs.  You can see some of the action here on our Framed Network episode.

For the past year, I’ve been working on developing each photograph and will hopefully, one day, all 20 images that we shot will be complete.  It has taken me a year to complete the first 5 and I’m excited to be finishing up number 6 as we speak.  Each image has been insanely complex, and my hope is to create a post to show some before and afters, helpful tips and how to’s on how I created many of these images.

I have my “BIG IDEA DREAMS” in mind for what I really want to come out of this endeavor in the end, but I’m definitely open for creative ideas and input.  So if you (probably just my mom will read this) have any connections, thoughts, advice or trillion dollars that you’d like to impart on me on how to get this bad boy published and out there when it’s complete, I’m always open to the suggestions.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll follow my journey and I promise to try (doesn’t that mean if I don’t follow through, i didn’t break any real promise since my promise was just to TRY) to fill it with things that might help inspire your creative soul as well as give you tips on what works for me with conceptual photography!

“Introduction to Happy”


Chicken Introduction Post


First Peek Post to come soon with how I edited it video.



Chicken and Bunny Introductions



First Peek In the Bag Post to come soon…


Birds Can’t Fly Post to come soon….


As I complete images, I’ll add them here but will also make individual posts about each one with before and afters and photoshop/shooting tips.

Thanks for sticking around and joining my adventure with Bunny Danger Awesome Slash Trouble!


  1. juliebeltonart

    This is my favorite series of all time! The story is amazing, and I can’t wait to buy copies for my nephews!

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