Endless List of Photographers that Inspire: Killy Photography

How important is it to understand light when you’re a photographer? According to today’s photographer that inspires, Killy Photography, VERY.


The ol’ “I’m a natural light” photographer debate.  Not that natural light means you don’t know what you’re doing, but when I was “natural light”…..I didn’t know what on earth I was doing.  The further I got into learning photography, the more light became essential.  Now, even when it’s natural, I’m damn sure trying to control it to my advantage.  Anyone else cringe to look back at your old photos from ye olden days of noviceness?

Probably not Killy.  That’s the first thing I noticed about this portrait guru.  He digs light.  He digs it, he gets it, he uses it, he makes it work for him and it’s unbelievably evident in all of his portraits.  Whether it’s natural light, studio light, iPhone light….Killy is clearly paying attention to his light and if you really take the time to study where he lets it fall, it’s incredibly inspiring.  I know I will be making sure to pay even more attention to what I’m doing…even on my just for fun of the fam shots.

When you look at these images, look deeper than the surface.  Really notice where the light hits his subjects vs. where the shadows are allowed to be.  Notice how he finds light sources in unexpected places. light light 3 light 6

light 4 light7 light5 light2 light 10 light 9 light 8

The other thing that really drew me in to Killy’s work is the expressions he pulls from the soul of his subjects.  I’m sharing more images than normal on this post because I really want you to see the range and diversity of depth that he goes into with each image.  From the light to the expressions, he is giving us an insight to what every single person he immortalizes with this camera is thinking in that moment.  He’s not just giving us a lovely shot to look at.  He’s freezing time in a way that captures these people’s essence.  I don’t have to hear them speak to feel their voice.  I don’t have to know their back story to feel where they are going or where they have been. The expressions he catches aren’t accidental and to understand the art and science that go into such intense photographic storytelling is something we should all strive to learn.

expression Halo House Gala 2013 expression 4 expression 5 expression 6 expression 7 expression 8 expression 10 expression 11 expression 12 expression2

Inspired himself by Richard Avedon who I highly suggest clickin’ the link to see, Killy has started a project to shoot on white backgrounds.  He’s two subjects in…with only 98 to go..and I know I’m going to be following to find out who’s next.


There’s just something about Killy that reminds me to keep shooting what I want to shoot….not what I have to and to slow down and truly pay attention to every important element and detail.

Killy.  He’s a thinking man’s photographer.

PLEASE for the love of photography go LIKE his Facebook page.  Clearly the man needs to bump that dinky little number up.

The real goods can be found on his website, blog and Flickr. Filled with loads of info on what he uses to light scenes… don’t wanna miss that!

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