Endless List of Photographers That Inspire: Pecos Hank

In no particular order: Photographer, Musician, Storm Chaser, Snake Wrangler, Visionary.

This article could be titled, “Endless Inspiration from a Photographer,” but Bonnie says that it will mess with our analytics. As working artists, one of the most enjoyable fruits of our labor is discovering people’s stories. Especially when an acquaintance, whom I knew as the frontman for The Southern Backtones, turns out to also be an established storm chasing, adrenaline gobbling, mucho talented photographer. Fine artist? Hell ya! I’d like to think that Hank Schyma, who’s photography alias is, Pecos Hank, has been living the artist  life since before he was alive. Well, since before I was alive anyways (I think he’s has a few years on me). But given that, it took nearly 30 years for me to gather up the courage and discontinue a career with a suit and tie requirement. And by courage I mean laid-off. As well as my fountain-of-inspiration & wife, Bonnie Al-Rifai, who’s invitation to consider teaming up to make a living as photographers, allowed me to dream while not sleeping. Now that I’m wide awake and facilitated by a build up of unmanaged creativity as well as battery acid-like caffeine), I look forward to meeting photographers with interesting back stories. It’s ironic to get re-acquainted with Hank whom I originally connected with through the Houston music scene, and then to find out that he’s a black-belt natural & un-natural disaster photogrpaher is freagin awesome.


9.-Storm-Hole 35.HankSchyma-funnelswirl.SM_ 17.Dodge-City-Orange-MammatusBonnie & I went to his art show a couple of weeks ago and just like his photography, the “art show” titled, Night Circus”, was really an art explosion of epic proportions. We’re talking, three floors, a stage, and a heavy duty, cable supported, trapeze-like rope, of enchanting oddities that I legally cannot describe further. Ok, everything was perfectly legal, but I’ll just say that you had to have been there . . . . . Mermaids!. . . . that’s the last thing I’ll say.Trip15-Wild-Horses4

Storm-Pony 12.Trans-Pecos-Rat-Snake 1.Western-Diamondback-Rattlesnake stinkbug0186

Check out In addition to finding truly inspiring photography you’ll also find his refreshingly hilarious BLOG as well as show dates for one of my favorite Houston bands, SouthernBacktones, and other cool stuff.

Who Inspires You? We want to feature artists that you love too!

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3. Any information you want us to include about why you are inspired by this artist.  (You don’t have to include this, but it may mean a lot to that photographer to know why you thought of them!

The spirit of this project is about being inspired by others and sharing that with the world. So please don’t nominate yourself!  You can always have someone else nominate you if you think you should be on our Photographers that Inspire list! 


You can view the original list of  31 Days of Photographers that Inspire! And keep up with our endless list by visiting our Photographers that Inspire table of contents. 

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