Endless List of Photographers That Inspire: Kristin Villano

Dreamer,  Storyteller, Artist

With these being the three words that Denver Portrait/Fine Art Photographer Kristin Villano uses to describe herself it’s no wonder I was immediately drawn to her work.  I connect with those three words completely myself and I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what words to use to describe my work and have been challenging other photographers to find the words that they relate to most.

Kristin is DEFINITELY a storyteller.  I will never forget the first time I saw this image.

UnrootedI still get goosebumps getting lost in this masterpiece.  Everything about it speaks to me.  I love when an image can not only tell its own story, but is so intriguing that it makes my mind wander to my own stories.

I am in love with her poses, the unique, almost painful angles that beam peace and tranquility from their core.

Like Kristin, I often look to books, stories, songs and poems that I love to become inspired for my work. This image of hers was inspired by a novel written by Charles De Lint   called “Dreams Underfoot.”


What strikes me so much is how even with an expression of hopelessness from her models, her lighting and color are filled with hope and imaginative dreaming.


I have loved watching Kristin’s work evolve as she becomes more in tune with her artistic style.  She is another brilliant artist that I discovered in my  [fa] Fine Art Photography Facebook group where I highly recommend other artists who want to connect, learn and grow in a supportive environment join.  We have monthly contests with some pretty incredible prizes from Zenfolio and Imagenomic.

The Lost Queen The Dream Beyond the storm

Show Kristin some love and support of the beautiful work that she creates by visiting her Blog and Facebook page.

Besides being in love with her work and her spirit, you can find out more about her process and how she thinks as an artist by reading this fantastic interview by Rocio Martinez Gonzalez for the Spotlight For Inspiration weekly feature.  

Who Inspires You? We want to feature artists that you love too!

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1. Name and links to find the artist.

2. Links you would like us to promote about you so that we can give you credit for finding the artist.

3. Any information you want us to include about why you are inspired by this artist.  (You don’t have to include this, but it may mean a lot to that photographer to know why you thought of them!

The spirit of this project is about being inspired by others and sharing that with the world. So please don’t nominate yourself!  You can always have someone else nominate you if you think you should be on our Photographers that Inspire list! 


You can view the original list of  31 Days of Photographers that Inspire! And keep up with our endless list by visiting our Photographers that Inspire table of contents. 

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