Endless List of Photographers that Inspire: Tamara Knight Photography

Gabe and I first fell in love with Tamara Knight’s work when we saw her piano series.  Gabe purchased her image because being obsessed with having shot our piano on the beach as well, he was blown away by Tamara’s portraits.


Then recently Tamara began posting images from her Bedtime Stories series that she has collaborated with Ma Belle Mademoiselle to create masterpieces that tell our favorite bedtimes stories.   As if Tamara’s work didn’t inspire me enough, I instantly fell in love with the fashionista hats created by Ma Belle Mademoiselle.  You can find her on Etsy here.

Skazki_na_noch_Mary_Poppins-15 Skazki_na_noch_Mary_Poppins-39 Skazki_na_noch_Mary_Poppins-43_cropped

Story telling is what I live for and when I find an artist who does it with as much class and creativity as Tamara, I am instantly inspired to get out and create.

Skazki_na_noch_SnowQueen-301 Skazki_na_noch_SnowQueen-231 Skazki_na_noch_SnowQueen-16_white Skazki_na_noch_Nutcracker-24 Skazki_na_noch_Nutcracker-31 Skazki_na_noch_Nutcracker-35_upd

You can see more from their incredible collaboration in this video!

Gabe and I always try to tell our clients stories with our images and it is clear that Tamara takes that to an even more incredible level.  She creates beautiful stories for her clients that are above and beyond a typical photo shoot.  These are TRULY the sort of memories every child can cherish forever.

Sophia_Motya_piano-20 Sophia_Motya_piano-8 LP_Spread10

Be sure to visit Tamara’s Facebook page to show her some love and appreciation for the beautiful work she is creating!

You can follow her blog here. 

And fall in love with Ma Belle Mademoiselle on her Facebook page and Etsy store.

Who Inspires You? We want to feature artists that you love too!

If you have a photographer that blows you away, send us an email at


1. Name and links to find the artist.

2. Links you would like us to promote about you so that we can give you credit for finding the artist.

3. Any information you want us to include about why you are inspired by this artist.  (You don’t have to include this, but it may mean a lot to that photographer to know why you thought of them!

The spirit of this project is about being inspired by others and sharing that with the world. So please don’t nominate yourself!  You can always have someone else nominate you if you think you should be on our Photographers that Inspire list! 


You can view the original list of  31 Days of Photographers that Inspire! And keep up with our endless list by visiting our Photographers that Inspire table of contents. 

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