Endless List of Photographers that Inspire: Teresa Nasty *explicit warning*

It hasn’t been a lack of being inspired that has kept me from posting the past couple of weeks, but rather from being so overly inspired and out of time.

Teresa Nasty

WARNING: It gets a bit explicit, so if you are easily offended or are sitting in your office surrounded by children, you might need to rethink reading this. 


Today’s inspiration is probably the photographer who has been inspiring me the longest.  Teresa Nasty was in my high school photography class with me.  We spent hours in the darkroom with our matching Mickey Mouse watches darkroom dancing and smelling like chemicals together.  The difference between us was….my work was terrible and hers was already magic. I wish I had some of the images to share that she created back then because I can remember even then the composites she did in the darkroom blew everyone else’s out of the water.  (sorry everyone else from Mrs. Beaumier’s class) I remember when she got her first tattoo and hid it from her family and visiting her at work at McDonald’s.  If only her fry customers knew…..


Later, Teresa moved to NYC and her work exploded.  She is the first photographer I remember thinking, “how in the $%*#(@###%*(&#*(&#$()” did she do that? Her lighting was killer and we sure as heck didn’t learn that in high school.  I couldn’t possibly describe this creative force of nature better than she told it to me herself. So here is her journey in her own words.


“In high school, I took a photography class and borrowed my step-father’s old tank of a Canon. My interests have always leaned toward the arts, so photography seemed as natural as walking. I also had a fondness for the technical aspects of creativity, the process and the gratification of immediacy, and photography fulfilled all of those. When I got into college, I thought I would be pragmatic and study communication design, but that was no fun at all! After switching majors to fine art/photography with my mother’s blessing, I was able to really explore the more conceptual side of developing a theme and going deeper into what makes photography art. I’ve worked all over Dallas assisting other professional photographers and always had fun making photos, manipulating light, and creating a finished product that wowed others. But in the end, I couldn’t see myself being solely a professional photographer.

SmurfHeather300 speye_01 dpbod_01 Xing_1

Photography is my way of expressing the individual beauty I see in people. Sometimes I meet a person, usually female, who inspires me to want to take photos. These people I speak of are not what is traditionally defined as beautiful, and I like that. I like the notion of transformation, artifice, smoke and mirrors.

DarkFlying_04 murderTwo Murder_01_web CharlieLegMan

I also make a lot of self-portraits because at times I forget what shape I’ve shifted into, and looking in the mirror is not enough (even though I do plenty of that, too. My apartment is filled with mirrors that were original to the previous owners and my place of work has one giant wall of mirror in each room). It’s important to me to play with each new shape to see how many different disguises I can come up with.”

MZ_spankskirt_10 RedHood_2666The only thing I can’t explain is why, after writing this blog post, I have “what the world needs now…is love sweet loveeee” stuck in my head.  Maybe because everyone’s day, especially if it’s lacking in spice, needs a little Teresa Nasty.

Visit Teresa’s website at

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