Endless List of Photographers that Inspire: The Coffeeshop Blog…LOADS of FREE stuff for photographers

Today’s inspiration is a resource, resource, resource.  When I first started teaching photography to middle school kids, I needed lessons that would keep them entertained beyond a little ol’ portrait touch up so I hit the internet highway in search of great stuff to share with the kids.  Several years ago, I found The Coffee Shop Blog and my life changed for the better.


Rita not only posts incredible tutorials that are easy to follow but also has the most incredible supply of FREE everythings.  Free actions (with tutorials so that you CAN still learn how to do things on your own!), Free templates, Free storyboards, Free textures, Free digital papers, Free brushes…..and it’s all fantastic stuff.  Loads of Free Actions I’ve found online are free for the main reason that they COULDN’T and SHOULDN’T cost money.  But that is NOT the case with The best part is that they aren’t just free for personal use, she also gives you full rights to use them commercially.  All she requires is that you don’t turn around and sell them!

CoffeeShop-Grunge-Frame CoffeeShop Web Boards 8 ad web CoffeeShop Vintage Papers 6 ad CoffeeShop Texture Example CoffeeShop Storyboards 6 ad CoffeeShop Starstruck ad CoffeeShop Matte Color ad CoffeeShop Creamy Hazy Light ad CoffeeShop Chalkboard 2 ad CoffeeShop BackDrop Fix ad CoffeeShop Alice LR Preset ad

She also designs awesome blogs and websites and her sister designs beautiful logos!

I could talk about her site all day, but really, you just need to quit reading this and get over there and enjoy it for yourself!

Who Inspires You? We want to feature artists that you love too!

If you have a photographer that blows you away, send us an email at


1. Name and links to find the artist.

2. Links you would like us to promote about you so that we can give you credit for finding the artist.

3. Any information you want us to include about why you are inspired by this artist.  (You don’t have to include this, but it may mean a lot to that photographer to know why you thought of them!

The spirit of this project is about being inspired by others and sharing that with the world. So please don’t nominate yourself!  You can always have someone else nominate you if you think you should be on our Photographers that Inspire list! 


You can view the original list of  31 Days of Photographers that Inspire! And keep up with our endless list by visiting our Photographers that Inspire table of contents. 

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