31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 28: Sarah M Photography

Day 28: Sarah M Photography


The fact that my musical playlist usually has Leonard Cohen, Roy Ayers and Screeching Weasel all in one place must be the same reason that I can have Audrey Woulard, Lindsay Adler and Sarah M Photography on the same list of photographers that inspire me.  Some days I need precious little children, other days I need artistic fashion and then there are the days, like today, where I just feel more alive and drawn to things that would creep my grandmother out.


Sarah M is dark, moody and passion driven.  Her images have an old fashioned, film noir meets full moon, haunted mansion feel to them and I absolutely love them.

1384070_482123015218949_1293639248_n 1380063_486279198136664_246990205_n 901199_481689341928983_1177023040_o

She puts herself out there and takes risks with her work.  I’ve always been drawn to the people and things that may not be widely accepted at the “country club”, but even more than that, I’ve always been someone who has been able to show the people at the “country club” that sometimes being “different” is beautiful and worth giving positive attention to.  Sarah’s work is the epitome of that.

1292191_481129438651640_1523215032_o 1262716_469995363098381_1441255840_o 1239933_478800652217852_1062098424_n 1208792_473347029429881_807453284_n


Perhaps her blood and guts Dorothy isn’t for everyone….(though I would hang it in my living room!) but I don’t know a woman alive who wouldn’t want to feel like a vintage Hollywood star for a day.

1001573_457699934327924_2031922762_n 1093784_461401147291136_429676556_o



From her obsession with gas masks to elegant beauty, I am constantly on the lookout for what she is going to share next.  1004045_436125503152034_554671122_n 558196_475338329230751_606692114_n 375574_431789840252267_493889814_n 482632_490133274417923_2135637097_n 943697_454446001319984_912678648_n 988350_437938419637409_1441811716_n 996871_452152088216042_1074690682_n 1040351_441596269271624_1920120213_o 1052140_440296676068250_2134237381_o

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