31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 27: ALMA Photography- where fine art meets wedding photography

Day 27: ALMA Photography


A year and a half ago my husband was laid off.  As we sat around wondering what the heck we were going to do, I was showing him the work of one of the coolest wedding photographers in Australia, a husband and wife team by the name of ALMA Photography.


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I am fascinated by their creative use of light and angles that have become their signature style.  They capture the quirkiness of their couples and make me wish we were getting married tomorrow so that we could hire them.

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As we looked at their site, I mentioned how I wished that he wanted to do photography with me.  He looked at me and said, “I think I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that.”  We’ve been running our own business together ever since that moment and I’ll always be thankful to ALMA for that.

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Alma and Claire are the most creative pair I’ve ever seen.  Their style is unmistakeable and consistent.  You can tell immediately that if you hire them for your wedding (which I desperately wish I had) that you will come away with images that show their brilliant attention to light and shadow and images that show the true quirks of who you are.

sydney-wedding-photographer-engagement-joel-morag-8 sydney-wedding-photographer-engagement-joel-morag-13 sydney-wedding-photographer-engagement-joel-morag-14 sydney-wedding-photographer-geoff-kristy-botanic-gardens-restaurant-008 sydney-wedding-photographer-geoff-kristy-botanic-gardens-restaurant-020 sydney-wedding-photographer-geoff-kristy-botanic-gardens-restaurant-028 sydney-wedding-photographer-geoff-kristy-botanic-gardens-restaurant-079


When I’m shooting a wedding, I’m in panic mode, I think.  I try to look for the perfect shots, but I don’t see angles and shadows as naturally as they seem to.  They capture everything…the perfect moment AND the brilliant angle.  I’ve always thought the only other photographer they remind me of is Sam Hurd and as I was looking through their site again today I noticed that I just missed the workshop of a lifetime.  Sam Hurd AND ALMA together!!!  It probably would have been more than my little soul could handle, which is why I was too late to find out.

sydney-wedding-photographer-geoff-kristy-botanic-gardens-restaurant-100 terrara-house-wedding-photographer-jr-alma-photography-53 terrara-house-wedding-photographer-jr-alma-photography-60 terrara-house-wedding-photographer-jr-alma-photography-78 terrara-house-wedding-photographer-jr-alma-photography-79

I could show you their images all day, but what really makes me fall for them is the perfection of their details and their storytelling.  So don’t just look at their work here.  You have to go over to their site and get a feel for their entire stories.  And if you use them for your wedding, please invite me. I want to sit back in awe and swoon as they work.

Visit their website and blog here:

And their Facebook here.

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