31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 26: Tatiana Lumiere

Day 26: Tatiana Lumiere

1091006_554706984577311_645817600_oTatiana’s portraits are sensual and dreamlike.  I was immediately drawn to her work by the pure and delicate way that she turns portraits of women into works of art.  She seems to capture her subject’s essence while creating an art piece that speaks from her soul.

1267409_593894820658527_281256770_oEach image is a glimpse into the women she is photographing’s mind and and allows us a moment to witness them feeling  beautiful and sensual as if no one is watching.

I find it incredibly inspiring when an artist can bring that serene wholeness out of their subjects, and Tatiana seems to have it mastered.

1398308_595508363830506_80810236_o 1150678_597722880275721_1827808753_o 1073907_549022171812459_736099192_oI am taken on an emotional journey looking through her work and wish I could feel as beautiful as her images look.  I would imagine that everyone that has had the pleasure of being in front of her camera has a perfect, private memory of their own to be able to stop and appreciate who they are the day she captured them.

1053477_540666555981354_1668004394_o 1040323_533935276654482_1347197014_o 856100_597282356986440_162192512_o 823552_481133661934644_1844246416_oI am inspired by the movement and connection she shares and how every image she produces is a timeless work of art that means something magical for each woman.

792241_478096575571686_2098833948_o 57437_430019697046041_1061398057_o 557223_593619730686036_1231165690_n


I’m so thankful to have found her work in my Fine Art group and look forward to seeing more of the brilliant work she creates.

904326_507764529271557_1530629487_o 13383_517888494925827_746027498_nShe and her husband obviously work well together as a brilliant team when she is on the other side of the camera as well!

892065_496640120383998_1790220314_oYou can follow Tatiana on Facebook here.  Or stop by her website here!  She shares more of her story on her blog as well! 

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