31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 25: Kavan Cardoza/Kavan The Kid

Day 25: Kavan The Kid-“I’m just a kid who’s sick with a camera.”


I’ve recently discovered how healing self portrait work can be which is why I felt insanely drawn to today’s 31 Days of Photographers that Inspire. Kavan the Kid had been posting self portraits from his 365 Day project in our Facebook Fine Art Photography group for awhile and each time I saw one, I would get lost in the power of his image.  

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I was first inspired by the fact that he was able to create something so beautiful and meaningful every day when it takes weeks for me to create one powerful image. It was evident that this was a man who had something to say.  I wasn’t wrong, because when I asked him if I could share his work for this project, he told me more about why he is doing a 365 Day project and his answer just flooded my mind with inspiration. 

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Although he shoots and directs music videos professionally, he has only been doing photography for about 3 months.  THREE MONTHS?! He’s telling stories with his images that are this beautiful in a 365 Day photo project when he hasn’t even been studying photography for 365 days of his life! Imagine the portfolio he will have when he can say 3 years at this rate. 

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He has a dark pain inside of him that he is piecing together like a puzzle as he completes each image, helping him understand himself better as well as showing the world around him how he feels inside.  Through my own personal experiences with self portraits, I have found this to be the most important and powerful component of my healing process though it was something I never knew I was drawn to in the past. 


His work is passionate, dark, creepy, sometimes quirky and always paints a picture of his mind.  I admire someone who can share so openly about the things that are usually kept in the most secret places of our heads.  I’m feeling exceptionally emotional today and connect with his images even more as I let them tell my stories while I stare into them. I hope that one day there will be a 365 page photography book filled with his images for me to turn the pages of every day. I know that today in particular, I needed his work to start my day, to allow myself to feel something.


Visit his FLICKR to keep up with his 365 Day project and to follow a man who is truly following his photographic passion on a daily basis.  I’m beyond inspired. 

The captions he posts with each image on his Facebook page are equally telling and emotive. 


You can visit Bonnie and Gabe, Two Creative Birds here on Facebook!  Or stop by my fine art/conceptual site at  Don’t forget about the the rest of my 31 Days of Photographers that Inspire!  


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  2. Thanks Bonnie!! This is amazing you are really talented with words, you make me seem way cooler then I am 🙂 Seriously though thank you so much, I feel so honored to be apart of this group of photographers and very touched that you wrote something so nice about me.

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