31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 24: Lindsay Adler, the greatest photoshop/photography teacher I’ve ever known

Day 24: Lindsay Adler, portrait and fashion photographer


I spent about the first 10 years of my life waiting for Lindsay Adler to be born and the next 20 years waiting for her to learn Photoshop and get her first gig on creativeLIVE.  Imagine the relief I felt when the wait was finally over.  What happened to me that monumental day when all of my prayers were finally answered?  [They went like this: Dear God, please let Lindsay Adler’s parents have a romantic date so that they can give birth to the person who will teach me more about photography than any other human one day. I’m growing impatient.  Thanks and Amen.]  I finally learned how to do everything I’ve ever wanted to learn how to do, that’s what happened.

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-_MG_5167-a Lindsay-Adler-Photography-1S7B5059 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-1S7B5464

All jokes aside, Lindsay seriously did change my life.  When I first saw her teaching on creativeLIVE I discovered a teacher who was so easy to follow and understand and who seemed to know absolutely everything there was to know about photography.  Now that I know Lindsay way beyond the guru on my computer screen, I know that she has the sort of brain that if she had wanted to be a professional basket weaver, then the entire basket weaving community would be bowing down to her for solving all of their problems.  I know that if she had wanted to be a brain surgeon, there would be no brain damage left behind. If she WANTED to invent time travel, I’m pretty certain she could sit down and study it for awhile and we’d all be riding on the backs of dinosaurs in no time.

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-20091025Paint10 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-20130117_Impact_Day2_0031a_UPSIZE Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Ania_Zink_0049_webtest

Lindsay is brilliant but is also equipped with the rare gene of sharing her infinite knowledge with the world in a way that makes sense to those of us less fortunate.  I literally keep her creativeLIVE photoshop class open on my computer every day and can find the answer to any question I have by watching. She’s the perfect teacher for beginners who know nothing and for advanced users who think they know everything.  She also uses her brilliant skills to teach you everything you could ever dream of knowing about lighting. As you can tell, I couldn’t possibly recommend anyone better for the job of being your personal guide to photography in every way, shape or form.  If you haven’t seen her book Shooting In Shitty Light you’re missing out!


But Lindsay isn’t just teach no action.  Her images speak volumes about her creativity and vision.  A look through her portfolio proves that she must have some seriously great methods for finding her inspiration. Every shoot is unique and wildly creative.  Her latest book, Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your PHotography Portfolio is perfect for helping you find your inner Adler. The busiest woman on the planet is also preparing right now to begin shooting for YOUR dream shoot where Lindsay will help make your dream shoot a reality and film the process so that the rest of us can learn along with you.  Win Your Dream Photo Shoot!

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-ColorBeauty_0012-2 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Day1_lightapp__0001

Lindsay and her bad ass boyfriend Jeff Rojas are also an incredible photography/videography team and I definitely recommend checking out the creativeLIVE they just finished on video for photographers.  Though if there was only one member of the family I could spoon with, it would be Jack.


I think it’s safe to say, Lindsay Adler is one of my greatest inspirations.  I don’t even shoot fashion photography, yet so much of what I’ve learned from her has made my portraits and conceptual photography come to life.

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Fashion_2 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Fashion_3 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Fashion_4 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-IMG_0914 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-SVA_Red_0036

Follow Lindsay Adler on Facebook! Or visit her website here. If you ever have an opportunity to learn from Lindsay, take it!  You won’t be sorry!

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