31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 23: Oakland, CA photojournalistic wedding photographer, Steven Branstetter

Day 23: Steven Branstetter


Gabe and I have had the pleasure of being on the sets of both [F]ramed and creativeLive and both times the best part of our experiences had everything to do with the incredible people we were able to meet and collaborate with.  If you are a photographer having a lonely journey, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve worked with photographers from other corners of the earth to create together.


As soon as we met Oakland, CA wedding photographer, Steven Branstetter and his Sony camera, we knew this guy and his crystal clear images had something special.  Steven’s Sony made me really question why Canon and Nikon are the front runners in our community because from what I can tell, Sony beats them both hands down. (I’d love to hear your debate!)


But besides just having a kickass camera, Steven has talent for days.  His connection with people is obvious from the moment you meet him.  I’m pretty certain Steven talked to every single person we passed on the streets of Seattle.  He is instantly open and easy to talk to, which is his greatest asset in wedding photography.  His brides can trust him to put 110 % of his heart and soul into making their weddings everything they could dream of.

130921_Courtney_Zach_Fairmont_Wedding222 130921_Courtney_Zach_Fairmont_Wedding108

His passion for what he creates on a wedding day begins in a more intimate way.  Besides just doing beautiful engagement shoots, he also offers his clients a photojournalistic style of intimate shoot that explores who they are with each other when they are in their most private, loving moments together.  I should know….he did that for Gabe and I.  In a room full of creativeLivers (long i, not to be mistaken by creative livers with a short i)  he was able to give us a look into our souls we didn’t even know we were missing.  Any bride who has the opportunity to have a moment like this captured between she and her husband is crazy not to jump on it.  Steven made us fall in love with each other all over again in the most comfortable, easy to be ourselves setting.  You can view his full post of our shoot here.  It makes me cry every time I look at it.


Steven’s wedding portraits paint a picture of the personalities of his couples.  They have a depth to them that keeps me coming back for more.  I feel like I get a glimpse inside their hearts, not just their wedding days.  Because of his unique style and charm, the brides attracted to him are creative and open with their minds and ideas. He doesn’t have a cookie cutter template for knocking out a wedding.  He spends time creating something unique and extraordinary for every one of his beautiful couples.  Steven has a passion for classic movies which drives his vision for his photographs.

130921_Courtney_Zach_Fairmont_Wedding061 130921_Courtney_Zach_Fairmont_Wedding131 130929_Maddison_Keith-1279 130929_Maddison_Keith-1107 130727_Mindy_Michael_Wedding-2168 130824_Natalie_Nole_Wedding047 130824_Natalie_Nole_Wedding429 Jolene + Colin Jolene + Colin Jolene + Colin Jolene + Colin 130915_Ashley_Johnny_Sonoma-227


I’m not even a huge fan of love stories or weddings (like Gabe is…You’ve Got Mail is his Favorite movie) but I actually cry when I look at Steven’s website and peek into the lives of his couples.  He makes me want to have our wedding all over again with Steven and his Sony camera documenting our story.  Any bride lucky enough to say Steven was there for her on her wedding day is going to have a lasting, timeless story to tell.

Visit his blog like website regularly to keep up with the love stories he shares!

Find Steven on Facebook and spread the love for this incredible wedding guru!

For wedding inspiration and ideas, his Pinterest page is perfection! 

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