31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Chubby Cheek Photography by Shalonda Chaddock

Day 22: Chubby Cheek Photography by Shalonda Chaddock44649_10153102844495646_1037078911_n

I’m really excited about today’s 31 Days of Photographers that Inspire.  I get to have that “I knew her when…” feeling in my heart!  Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography is a magical shooter of precious little kiddos.  I was lucky enough to meet her several years ago and fell in love with her work back then.  Even the images she posted on her personal page of her home decorated at the holidays stood out to me as having a signature style and creative organization that I admire!


When I try to put a scene together with props, it may be cute….but it’s not STYLED and ORGANIZED in even close to the flair that Shalonda has when she puts a scene together. She has an incredible eye for detail, something I so often forget to think about. We live in the same city and yet her images make it feel like she’s lucky enough to live in a beautiful state far, far away from here.  Her magic transports you!

971460_10152814992055646_899788250_n 1167090_10153205667515646_547264217_o

Her outgoing personality and adorable spirit HAVE to play a serious role in capturing the perfect smiles and help her clients show their genuine selves in her sessions.  Her sessions tell beautiful stories about imagination and dreamy childhood fantasies.  It doesn’t hurt that her own daughters are the CUTEST children that ever lived and helped her build quite a collection of dreamy shoots.

1000073_10152897073175646_1543275925_n 541160_10152201880220646_255859604_n 1172673_10153160603970646_430333606_o 1003188_10153162110580646_1611042458_n

The exciting part for everyone who is anything like me and loves, loves, loves to watch other people work to help refine your own skills and pick up tips from the people who are being truly successful with their photography is that Shalonda has a new breakout called “The Magic of Childhood” where we can all watch her shoot, edit and get phenomenal tips!

1383057_10153312972970646_1263103566_n 1275711_10153226733355646_667960730_o

Possibly even more exciting is that she has “Daydream one on one mentoring sessions” where she can help you individually and cater the session to YOUR specific needs.


Possibly even more exciting is that she has “Daydream one on one mentoring sessions” where she can help you individually and cater the session to YOUR specific needs.

1391847_10153372021600646_1582100970_n 1265265_10153242360450646_851274625_o 1239085_10153220510535646_758157503_o 1235908_10153251306900646_1013704845_n

Though I’m posting some beautiful pictures of Shalonda’s here, there are so many even more brilliant sessions to melt into on her website. You TRULY need to explore them! I guarantee you’ll be inspired to make some magic of your own.

Chubby Cheek Blog

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