31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 19: Tara Denny: How doing what you absolutely love fuels your creativity

Day 19: Tara Denny 

Visit her website here.


Tara Denny is the ultimate inspiration in taking something you enjoy doing and turning it into something you LOVE, can’t live without, fuel your life with and become the whole you with. She was already a wonderful portrait photographer, but something was missing for her.

witch tied water

Her life changed when she discovered the magic of fine art. Tara began experimenting with her emotions and dreams and found she had stories to tell.  As soon as she found that within herself, she couldn’t be stopped.  She fell in love with the art and I have loved watching her style become her own, unique and beautiful artistic identity.


Something that I truly value about her mindset and her dedication to cultivating her style is that she hasn’t sat around wondering, “what if or I wish….”.  She has an idea and she goes for it.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and hearing her dreams and ideas helps fuel my own.


Tara is another photographer that I found through my Fine Art Facebook group.  It is amazing to me the number of people that are working together within that group, learning and critiquing each other.


I’m very excited to see the next series that Tara is working on.  She is doing a series on facing your fears and I know I will be fearfully watching to see them emerge.

fly 523965_490616894357256_1394428900_n

Make sure to follow Tara on Facebook.

You can follow Bonnie and Gabriel Al-Rifai on Facebook. I’d love to share my fine art site with you all at 

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