31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Kira Derryberry-she’s the total package of vision, emotion and technical photography wrapped into one

Day 18: Shekira Derryberry:

View her website and blog here!

View her boudoir site here at She Boudoir


I prefer to call her Tallahassee photographer of the year. Kira inspires me by entering photo competitions in her local photography guild, an idea I never even knew existed before.



The critique she receives is intense and makes her think about her final product in a critical and productive way.  It takes thick skin to really have your work analyzed like that and Kira blows me away with how much thought goes into each image that she produces. Her hard work reflects in the number of prestigious awards she has received from competitions.

kiraderryberry16 kiraderryberry15 kiraderryberry14

I’m not sure which part of her I love most….her work, her talent, her ability to teach and direct or her stinkin’ awesome sense of humor.  I had the pleasure of having her take pictures of me in my underwear….in a room full of people….and due to her unbelievable knowledge about how to pose a woman, I didn’t even feel the slightest bit awkward.


kiraderryberry11 kiraderryberry10 kiraderryberry03

Everything she touches turns to gold.  Besides being a bad ass at shooting women, Kira’s lifestyle images look deep into the soul of her subjects.  She’s that girl in high school who always made the hard stuff look easy…except that she likes to help you get there too.

kiraderryberry12 kiraderryberry08

I wish for every photographer, especially those just beginning to learn the art of posing and creating, could spend a few hours watching how seamlessly she shoots and directs.  It’s a powerful experience to witness.  I wish for every model or subject to have an opportunity to be in front of her camera and let her make them feel as incredible as she made my awkward self feel!

kiraderryberry05 kiraderryberry02 kiraderryberry01

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  2. Kira is the best! She is not only an amazing photographer, but a wonderful person inside and out. Her photographs speak for themselves, and every single one of them makes an impact. She has talent, but more importantly, shares that talent selflessly to those who ask. She is always willing to help me grow my business and my photography. Great pick for your photographer that inspires. She most definitely does. 🙂

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