31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 17: Frank Diamond-the Digital Dali

Day 17:  Frank Diamond

You can view his portfolio here.

I’m excited to wake up in a surreal self portrait world filled with insane light and color thanks to the work of Spanish Fashion and art photographer, Frank Diamond.  Gabe mentioned the comparison of Dali when I was showing him Frank’s work last night and then I found someone on his site call him the Digital Dali and I couldn’t agree more.


Self portraits are an art form of vulnerability and an opportunity to express things about yourself that you don’t typically have in every day life.  365 Day projects and silly “selfies” have made self portraiture insanely popular so it takes an added dose of creativity to really have your self portraits stand out.  I can remember having self portrait assignments in high school and thinking the ol’ stare out the window looking melancholy and miserable was the only way to go. The problem was: I wasn’t melancholy or miserable so I always looked like a fool.

1149493_415917448517252_36064270_o 1097641_412807832161547_1678203322_o 1094639_415914928517504_1466130843_o

Frank Diamond, however bizarre and out of the realm of reality he may be, looks like anything but a fool.  His compositing is pristine and his his use of vivid color and light pulls me into his images instantly.  The first time I saw his work was again in my Fine Art Facebook group.  (Seriously, you need to join this group if you’re ready to learn and grow in that world.)                      I was instantly hooked on his images.

1275983_424591100983220_660515714_o 1274094_432387530203577_1345933805_o 1150708_414324215343242_331374354_o

They’re crazy, yet not.  They’re symbolic, yet experimental.  His wide eyes and intense expressions are giving off a feeling that doesn’t even exist in our world or understanding of emotions…..which is why Digital Dali makes perfect sense to me.

1096947_413412958767701_1836559771_o 1008788_406658592776471_751392544_o 1008789_403833073059023_470954062_o

Even his name is inspiring.  How could you not be ready to conquer the world of photography with a name like Frank Diamond?  I think we will be seeing a lot more of this creative mastermind.

1014656_395024963939834_900805299_o 823389_441222079320122_1430857585_o 891910_402677563174574_836633406_o


I can’t believe we’re more than half way through our 31 Days.  I’ll be sad when it’s over!  You can follow Bonnie and Gabriel on Facebook.  2 Birds Photography is changing our name soon to Bonnie and Gabriel Creative Productions.  Visit my new conceptual/fine art site at

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my 31 days of photographers that inspire for your daily dose of inspiration!


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