31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 16: Shelby Robinson

Day 16: Shelby Robinson

You can view her work on Facebook or her website at


Another artist who is out there making magic with her camera that is well beyond her years has been inspiring me for several months now. Her conceptual self portraits are instantly identifiable as hers and each image takes me into a dream world that she has created.  It doesn’t hurt that she’s breathtakingly beautiful with her gorgeous red hair that is always full of motion and plays an important role in all of her images.

1274920_513925552027870_278195216_o 976820_453155074771585_1587719592_o

Being so young, it’s fun to read through her Facebook posts and watch as she quickly gained a following for her work. She truly lets her positive energy and personality shine through in all of her posts and truly appreciates the people that love her images.  She is very approachable and interactive with her fans by asking them questions and giving thoughtful responses to them. She has a genuinely caring nature that will only help her grow an audience that appreciates her even more.

1082527_481577405262685_2097406961_o 921203_498004290286663_11627033_o

One thing that I found so inspirational is that for the majority of her photographic career she used a canon rebel, proving artistic vision shouldn’t be hindered if you’re not ready to invest in the most expensive equipment.

Shelby often posts before and afters of her images to give you an idea of how she achieved her incredible vision and has a fun YouTube fast edit to watch her work.


405187_333842840036143_1976804364_n 380689_321747024579058_22147451_n 221040_476234669130292_579192259_o

You can follow Bonnie and Gabriel Al-Rifai who are in the process of changing our name from 2 Birds Photography to Bonnie and Gabriel Creative Productions.  A new site will be coming soon! OR, visit


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