31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 14: Dolci Momenti Photography- Portraits filled with love and timeless emotion

Dolci Momenti:


Be still my little photography heart.  Years ago I took a workshop in Colorado taught by the amazing Brianna Graham.  There were many talented photographers in the class with me and I was at the very very very beginning of my digital photography career.  (film is another chapter of my life all together!)  There was another photographer in the class who was also just starting out and we had the pleasure of being so stumped by what I now realize was really easy Photoshopping, that we both cried tears of stress and insecurity.  It didn’t take long after that class for Crystal Bruchey-Collura  of Dolci Momenti Photography to blow up.

group4I sat there puttering along, learning at a slow pace while she went bananas.  Her business grew and her talent…OH MY GOD, her talent was out of this world.  I have been blown away watching her become a master at every genre she touches. If I had to categorize her into a specific genre it would be LOVE.  Every image she captures no matter the occasion tells a story filled with love, love, boundless love.  Her newborn pictures are GOLD.  Weddings….priceless.  Families….more emotion and heart felt moments have been captured by this incredible woman than anyone I’ve ever known.  Her style is unmistakable and if you haven’t seen her yet, you’re missing out!  Since we started together, we’ve even thrown around the idea of teaching together. So who knows, THAT may be in the cards in the near future!

group5 group3 group 1

One of Crystal’s gorgeous weddings was also recently featured on Beyond The Wanderlust’s blog so I have to share that with you too!

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