31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 13: The Bokeh Factory- Hand made cameras and lenses that will give your photographs incredible Bokeh and creamy goodness!

Day 13: The Bokeh Factory- Tom Widlak- Lens and Camera maker extrodinaire:

Today’s inspiration is an artist you can’t live without.  Literally.  Not because of HIS images, but because of what he can do for yours.

The Bokeh Factory.  Just saying the name makes my head dance.  His images are mesmerizing.  His backgrounds melt into his subjects and just when you wish you could know how he did it, you notice…you can.  He hand makes all of his cameras and lenses himself and you can purchase them at very reasonable prices  from him at this site:

I bought one for Gabe for his birthday and we’ve had a blast trying to learn the tricks to making it perfect.  He’s a genius.  If you love a photographer, The Bokeh Factory has a gift you can give them that will make them swoon.  If you love yourself….well, the same applies!

522523_396792167086041_313871245_n 553397_450931271672130_1995417837_n

Here are a few examples:

Contaxflex 80/2417000_346172738814651_1796882739_n3713_346172932147965_1000529540_n

Freestyler Biometar 80/2.8

45301_347633015335290_1231789431_n 479758_347633152001943_1550308802_n

Helios 85/1.5 + Mamiya 645AFD




Taken with TBF 50/1.4 + Contax Aria:


I bought the Freestyler 80/2.8 for Gabe for his birthday.  Here’s one of our shots with it: There’s a definite learning curve with this one and this weekend we started practicing with it on a tripod which made all the difference in the world.  I’ll have those images to post soon!

2birds0665webYou can get lost on his site for quite a while trying to decide what to add to your arsenal.  That’s why he gets a Sunday for his Photographers That Inspire.  You’re going to need the rest of the day to decide what  you must have!

You can follow Bonnie and Gabe Al-Rifai of 2Birds Photography here!

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