31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 12: Scott Detweiler-Visualizing mesmerizing portraits and an incredible resource to learn Photoshop skills from

Day 12: Scott Detweiler

Technology has made it pretty crazy incredible to edit photographs. If you didn’t get the light right in camera, there’s a good chance you can do something about it in Photoshop.


But when you have the skills to get the light right in the first place, the magic you can create in post is out of this world.

I’ve seen some of his images straight out of camera and trust me, he nails it.


What I love about looking through all of his images is that its really hard to tell what he has done in post and what is real.  I saw his before and after of this one once and was blown away by where this began.


When I first saw Scott’s work, I noticed right away that he was doing something right. He has perfect command of his light and shadows as well as an obvious mastering of Photoshop. I’m usually drawn into surreal images that incorporate people into the story, but Scott’s images take me to a completely different place.

p248576694-4 as Smart Object-1 p961356535-4

He captures portraits and brings the surreal to them, keeping the essence of who he is photographing in place and taking us on a wild adventure through his imagination without having to leave the studio.

Each image is intense, dark, poetic and full of movement and soul.  They are portraits you can visit again and again and always become entranced by something new.

p1036913377-4 p584931960-3

The best part is, he is also phenomenal at teaching and does one on one private lessons online. He’s a Google + master and can set your editing skills straight without having to travel to him.

_DSC4829-Edit p1408249038-4 p599357163-3


You can get your hands on a copy of his book Conceptual Portraiture Volume 1 here as well as the video tutorial for how he made this image:

p1065395294-4 as Smart Object-1

One term that I loathe is when people say things like, “he’s a master of his craft.”  The other is when people say “son.”  That’s why you know I mean business when I say: Scott is a master of his craft, SON.

Follow him on Google + here:

His website Here

Or Facebook Here

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