31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 11: Caroline Rutland and a Fantastic Resource for starting out in Fine Art Photography


Caroline Rutland is another emerging conceptual artist I’ve discovered in my fine art group. If you are interested in fine art/conceptual photography, our Facebook group is a brilliant place to reside.  This group is full of photographers who are at every level and stage of their journey and is by far one of the most supportive learning communities I’ve encountered. The other artists are encouraging while also honest and thoughtful in their critiques.  I’ve watched photographers go from very basic beginning images to really honing in on their skills and refining their images based on the tips and tricks from others in the group.

Caroline has been one of my favorite artists to watch grow.  Her work is light, sparkles and the essence of childhood in the best way possible. I always find that my favorite artists are the ones who represent what they know best in their work and as a mother with a wild imagination, Caroline is doing just that.  Each image she shares is showing her personal style as it grows and becomes more and more HER. She brings a delightful fairytale magic to her children’s lives.  Her work is available for commission and I guarantee she can take your child’s wildest imagination and create a masterpiece that will be a personal treasure for you and them to let that incredible but brief moment of childhood live on forever.


What I value most with Caroline is that she has an idea list longer than you can image and she is killing it one beautiful image at a time.  She isn’t in a hurry to fill her portfolio with hundreds of images because she is genuinely taking her time to perfect her skills and make certain that each image she posts is complete and represents exactly what she envisioned.


When people post new work in our group, Caroline is often one of the members that helps critique with a keen awareness to detail.  The same attention that she puts to her own images, she gives to others and helps them to refine and reflect on their blending and techniques.  Caroline is someone you can trust with your art.  Reach out to her if you are learning and need guidance or resources.  No one starts out at the top, but when you are as willing to dive in and create and share with others as she is, you’ll get to your goal a lot faster!

Follow her on Facebook Here!

Request to join our supportive Facebook group here! If that link is closed, send me a message and I’ll gladly add you!

You can follow Bonnie & Gabe Al-RIfai of 2 Birds Photography here and visit my new fine art only website at

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