31 Days of Photographers That Inspire: Day 8: Lai tā būtu photography

I said previously that none of the photographers that I am featuring have contacted me to be featured because I think it’s important to note that just by being them they have inspired me without even knowing it.  But for today, I will briefly retract that statement. Only briefly though because the rest of the month is fully planned out with the rest of my inspiration!  But when I received a message from Arlette Conde of Lai tā būtu photography and started looking through her work, another 19 year old photographer made me actually tear up.


I was a photographer when I was 19…and guess who’s portfolio at the time you WON’T be seeing?! I am beyond inspired that so many “kids” at that age have this incredible outlet to get their ideas and emotions out in a way that just didn’t exist for me with my darkroom skills at the time.


Her work is rich and emotive and gives me a reason to pause and look deeper within each photograph to allow myself to be there with her.  I don’t feel that way often about images. I’m often drawn in to look at how a photographer accomplished something, but her work makes me look past the photographer side of myself and makes me just want to experience the emotion she is sharing.

1064078_598730863493499_1557468677_o 738383_517306228302630_2107045771_o 1074755_608483962518189_540531098_oI can’t sit still today after seeing these images and I hope that you won’t be able to either. Visit her Facebook page to send her some love if her images fill you the way they’ve engulfed me.

892586_624734450893140_1335185630_o466675_570177383015514_2070600117_o 1263824_640015146031737_1422921454_o1052302_599258613440724_513808016_o

You can follow Bonnie and Gabriel Al-RIfai of 2 Birds Photography here.  And soon..still not yet (c’mon Photoshelter..what’s up with the 48 hour wait period?!?!) I’ll have my fine art website up at  (for today, it’s and that does work.)

Be sure to check out the rest of my 31 Days of Photographers that Inspire!


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