31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 7: Josh Malik

Apparently I was born in the wrong decade because whatever it is that’s in the chicken making 12 year olds look 18, it’s also making photographers under 20 brilliant beyond their years.

Josh Malik is among the top of the artists I love to visit for inspiration. His images carry a weight of sadness In the stories they tell, sometimes almost disturbing, but also deeply enchanting and beautiful.

With some photographers I can get a sense of where their ideas came from, but with Josh’s work, each image is unique and profound and makes me wish I could spend minute in his mind.

As I looked through all of his work preparing for this post, I was especially thrilled to read the captions he writes on his images.  They are full of inspiration and being ignited in his life by his surroundings and the people he encounters.  I hope our paths cross one day so that we can create something out of this world in collaboration.

Besides just being passionate about his own art and creating photographic magic, he also has a passion for using his gift to give back to a cause I feel especially drawn to. He is working on a project called The Creative Owltlet where he is photographing children who suffer from debilitating diseases. He is inspired to make sure their parents have the best images of quality of their children for them to hold onto. With his talent and heart being in exactly the right place at such a young age, I can’t even imagine the great adventurers his gifts will take him on for the rest of his life.

580763_328549010571583_1375713170_n 313593_328548883904929_928779524_n


1002847_480844185342064_565683503_nYou can support his artistic endeavors and own a piece of his brilliance by checking out his store here:

You can follow Bonnie & Gabriel Al-Rifai of 2 Birds Photography at and excitingly, by tomorrow, my new website, dedicated only to my fine art should be up and running!  (It’s still having issues today!)

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