31 Days of Photographers That Inspire: Day 4: Jinky Art


Barb Uil-Jinky Art

Have you ever wished you could live in the most magical, memorable parts of your childhood forever?  Barb Uil gives her clients that opportunity every time she touches her camera. As an open and brilliant teacher, there are many, many, many aspiring photographers who try to capture what she does…..but her style is so unique and identifiable that no matter how great anyone else is at it, Barb’s images are the top of the top.


She takes childhood innocence, mixes it with imagination and play time and tells a perfect story with every single image she takes.  Besides just her gorgeous work, she hosts workshops around the world where other photographers can get a little snippet into her imagination.  The most valuable part of her workshops comes after the fact.  She has created a workshop Facebook group that has single handedly got to be the most positive place for emerging photographers to share, ask questions and grow.  Her positive energy is contagious and no matter how large the group grows, the energy remains incredible.  If you’ve ever been on a photography forum, you KNOW how negative they can get! If you want to be blown away AND spend the rest of your day just feeling fantastic, take a look at her beautiful work.

Barb also has some incredible online editing tutorials, lovely actions and an e book that you can find here:

kitecairns sleepingprincessessm2

Be sure to check out the rest of my 31 Days of Photographers that Inspire!


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  2. Kim drew

    my daughter from tarajadephotography attended one of Barbs classes in canberra and the magical photos and inspirational guidance that she has learnt, is now helping my daughter to grow as a beautiful photographer herself. jinkyart puts the childhood fantasy back into every snapshot she captures. xxx

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