31 Days of Photographers That Inspire: Day One: Brooke Shaden


Day One:


Few people are as creative, inspiring, open, honest and driven as Brooke Shaden.  When I first saw her work, I imagined her as a 90 year old woman with deep lines on her face and thousands of gray hairs to tell the stories that her images tell.  I couldn’t have been further off!  Brooke is a YOUNG woman with an old soul and her conceptual imagery speaks to artists all over the world.  I could stare at her work for days, but what I love about her most is that her main goal in life is to help other artists find their own voice.  She lives for inspiring others and has a gentle, loving teaching style that everyone from beginners to experts can relate to and learn from. When Brooke learns life lessons, the results become imbedded in her life and her art.  I know you’ll fall in love with her art, but if you ever have the opportunity to become her friend, you’ll fall truly in love with her heart.

Seamless_Spotlight_Brooke_Shaden_battle_at_cliffside_hill bs-7

See more of Brooke’s brilliance here:

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