“Piece” of Mind- How to turn a Facebook Quote Into Art

cropped-two-birdspiece-of-mind-web1.jpgEscaping yourself is a recurring theme for me, not only in my work, but also in my life for as long as I can remember.  Whether it was crawling deep into the corner of my closet as a kid to try to escape my feelings when I was upset or desperately wishing I could turn my brain off and get away from the noise and pressures of the world, I just need to find the quiet sometimes.  When my sweet friend Sarah made a Facebook post about wanting to take out her brain to get some peace and quiet, I knew immediately wanted I wanted to shoot.

I constantly gather inspiration from quotes, stories, songs, paintings…..but a Facebook quote?! I guess it isn’t such a bad place to find inspiration with so many people exposing their feelings for the world to read.  They say to be careful what you post.  You never know who might turn it into an art project.

We have plenty of leftover cherry pie to share!

I would love to hear your thoughts about what YOU do when you need to escape!

I love before and afters.



One comment

  1. I love before and afters too! And I love reading the stories and origins of images as well. Hahaha wouldn’t have guessed it was cherry pie 😉 Stunning piece of emotive art once again.

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