The Birds Will Come

TheBirdsWillComewebWhen I was a little kid, I used to stand on the mantle with this awesome microphone wishing that Amy Grant, from the Christian Rock years  (Yup, me.  Biggest Amy Grant Fan on the planet.  Abandoned shortly there after for The Dead Milkmen, but it happened.)  would show up to share the “stage” with me.


But guess what.  She never came.  In fact, she never even responded to the fan mail that I never sent.  Can you believe it?

When my cousin Jessica told me that her daughter Kennedy loves to stand outside singing, waiting for the birds to land on her and listen to her songs, but is left heartbroken when they never come, I had to do something about it!  I wanted her to know that if she keeps singing, the birds will come!

Hey Amy Grant, how bout that?  Dream Killer!

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