What Was I Complaining About?

Every time I do a photo session where a man is involved I get excited for my favorite challenge.  There is something about making a grumbling, resistant man forget that he’s participating in an hour of his life in front of a camera when there are about 400 other things he would rather be doing….especially on a Friday night.  Tonight I not only accepted my greatest challenge, I initiated it.  Friday night is Friends Night for my Mother and Father-In-Law and yet I asked Gabe to call his parents this afternoon and schedule an impromptu photo session for them.  First, let me say I am probably the single luckiest woman on the planet to have landed such a solid gold in-law-family. Osama Al-Rifai and Martha Gamez came from complete opposite ends of the earth and somehow met and fell in love in Houston, Texas and I happened to be the fortunate woman who became their daughter 30 something years later.  When Sam heard what I wanted to do tonight, he groaned and moaned all the way there. Martha is always up for anything so it was no surprise that she was on board, but it was really just to humor me rather than yet understanding that this evening was for THEM, not me. During our session, they told stories I had never heard them tell, laughed harder than I’ve ever seen them laugh, became the couple that met so many years ago and had a moment to appreciate the life story they have been writing. When we sat down to dinner Sam looked at me with such appreciation in his eyes and said the words that told me I had succeeded in converting one more man into a believer that photo shoots don’t have to be miserable!  “What was I complaining about?”

2 Birds is gearing up and booking early for Valentine’s day.  We are offering Complimentary couples sessions for couples of all ages from now until Feb. 14th.  I sobbed while I edited these photos and was able to appreciate that these are moments and memories of my family that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.  We want to give you the same incredible way to remember your story……or the story of someone you cherish and love.  No really, the session fee is on the house….or rather, on the Bird Cage.



  1. Martha

    Oh Wow, these photographs are incredible! It was fun and you made us forget we were being photographed, you are one exceptional photographer and I’m so proud of you and Gabe. I’m glad Gabe chose you too. Thank you so much. Love MIL

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