She’s got boobies and a bellybutton!

Two Birds Photography PortraitsThe other night when we were heading out for a late night trip to the grocery store to satisfy a family cookie craving, I became uncomfortable about going out in public with no makeup. My husband Gabe, looked at our two year old son Jones and said, “Doesn’t mama look beautiful Jones?.” Jones looked up at me with all seriousness and his pointing finger and said, “Yes! She has boobies and a bellybutton!.”  He was being sincere.
I’ve never been a huge makeup wearer but I guess the more I’ve become immersed in glamour photography, the more I’ve studied and practice putting on makeup. While my face may feel more comfortable “nakie” (forgive the baby words, but we’re a baby family right now!) I can’t help but feel more confident when I’m rocking some fabulous lashes.

But last week I had a valuable and beautiful reminder that when a woman can be more than just comfortable with only her “boobies and bellybutton” her beauty can shine straight through to the camera.

Dirty minded readers, the following is not going to be about naked ladies so if that’s what you’ve stayed tuned for, you’re free to go.

Last week we had a visit from a woman with the most  incredible spirit in the studio. From the amount of comments and “likes” she has since gotten on her Facebook portraits that she posted from us, it appears that many, many people have had the opportunity to experience her joy.  Sara Speer Selber came to us for “big girl professional headshots” and a mission to capture herself exactly as her friends and family know her at the beautiful age of 55. She wanted to look 55, be 55 and show the world that 55 feels fantastic. She came accompanied by her longtime stylist, a woman I’ve been dying to work with for quite some time, Melissa Noble. Despite the wee bit of persuading Melissa and I both tried to do to get her to add a little more glam than she is used to, which is often necessary in this type of photography, Sara held firm to her ideals and desires for her outcome. I for one am glad she did. Sara didn’t need eye lashes for her eyes to shine, her personality came right through the lens. We spent the afternoon laughing, telling stories, replacing “say cheese” with lots of Sara’s favorite R rated words and having a wonderful time photographing her inner spirit. I’m in love with how the real Sara, the real 55, the real beauty of a natural woman was captured that afternoon.
Thank you Sara Speer Selber for allowing us to accompany you on your journey of life.

Sara posted her own story of her experience with us here. If you’ve ever wanted to be in the know about everything, from chemicals that are safe for your family, the healthiest foods to eat, how to live your life to the fullest, you’re going to want to follow the blog of this energetic, brilliant woman. She’s got boobies and a bellybutton and looks amazing at 55!


Sara Speer Selber

Beautiful at 55

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