Wednesday Sunflare….2 Birds in the studio-style!

I’ve met some amazing photographers since I began my career, but none as inspiring and motivating as Barb Uil of Jinky Art.  The workshop that I attended with Barb was not only fun, magical and a true growth and learning experience, but it also never ended!  Barb created a group for her Jinky-lovers that has given us a place to ask questions, to share, to critique, learn and grow.  She gives us regular assignments that invite us to stay creative, to push our businesses further and to nurture our art.  I’m especially excited about this assignment, which we Jinkies affectionately call Assignment #9.  This assignment gave us the challenge to photograph something with sun flare on a Wednesday evening wherever we happened to be in the world and share that on our blog.  The picture part was a breeze.  The challenge for me was the fact that I didn’t have a blog!  I needed one and have been putting it off and putting it off and putting it off.  After getting it ready, I can see why I put it off for so long but I’m also eternally grateful to Barb for giving me the reason to finally get it going!!!

The next element of my challenge is in the fact that although I have plenty of chances to take outdoor sun flare and actually love to shoot outside, my new photography direction is IN the studio and I wanted to incorporate that element into my sun flare portrait.  So, to accomplish my burst of brilliant Texas light, I parked my car outside of the studio window and let the sun bounce off of the door and into my studio.  Did I do this on purpose?  Did it just happen to be a Wednesday?  MAYYYYYYYBE!  Either way, I found my sun flare on a Wednesday evening in Houston, TX and I’m excited to share it with the world!!

Please show some love to all of the other amazing Jinky photographers who also played with sunflare on a Wednesday from everywhere around the world.  It is truly an exceptional group of photographers!


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