I just love asking people what they do for a living.  It usually goes something like this:  “Oh you’re a commercial real estate analyst.”…..whatever that is…..OR, “Oh, you don’t say…..a doctor of public affairs….?”, “a global document collector of foreign obstacles?”, “hmmmmmm, an avalanche inspector budget redesigner….?!?!?!”……WHAT-EVER any of that means?!
…..AND usually it doesn’t matter in the scheme of getting to know someone if I understand what it is they do from 9 to 5.
Once upon a time, I was a teacher and Gabe was the director of a school.  It was pretty easy for people to picture what we did all day.

But the explanation of our new career isn’t as simple.  Here’s how it usually plays out:

“What do you do for a living?”

“We are photographers.”
“Oh, so you shoot families and weddings?”

“Actually no, we shoot contemporary portraits.”

—-Insert quizzical, raised eyebrow or blank stare.

“Beauty Portraits….glamour photography.”

“OOOOOOOOH, Glamour Shots, like at the mall? I did that in the 80’s and it was awful!”

NO, NO, NO and NO people!  With a touch of yes.  But mostly,


The 80’s was colorful but didn’t do much for me.  Like every other girl/woman alive in that decade, I found myself forced to take a Glamour Shot.  Where is that picture now?  It’s probably being used as nesting material by the squirrels in the attic, but truly, I care not where it is!
While hair with volume and fabulous makeup are a vital part of what we do….the Glamour Shots similarities stop there.

We’ve tried….believe me….to come up with a term that sums up what we do without making that dated image of pink fluff popping in your mind.    Our glamour isn’t describable with words.  It’s a feeling inside….it’ finding a part of you that has either been hidden for too long or has never been felt before.  For now, we’re stuck with Glamour and Contemporary, but we’d love to hear what YOU think we should call it!  If you come up with a winning term, we willgive you a complimentary <INSERT NEW NAME HERE> portrait!
Until that term is renamed, let us instead show you what Glamour Photography means to us.

The women who come to us are real.  They are all ages from 17-75.  They are all shapes, sizes, styles and personalities.  We don’t want you to wait to get down to your ideal weight before you get your portraits made.  We want to help you capture the most beautiful you as you are today, tomorrow and for years to come.

We’d like to introduce you to the women from the Two Birds’ cage……


  1. Carly Webber

    Gorgeous photos guys and just loving the new blog. Haven’t got any suggestions for the ‘name’ to replace glamour I’m afraid, but whatever you call it, there is definite beauty in the bird cage! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Well whatever you call it, it sure looks great! I’m struggling with what to call it too. I’m leaning towards Beauty Photography but Glamour really is the perfect name if you can get past the Glamour Shots stigma.

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